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barnard castle. Bowes Museum: c80 European art, mechanical and ethnological. belfast

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barnard castle.

Bowes Museum: c80 European art, mechanical and ethnological.


Department of Social Anthropology and Ethnomusicology, Queens University: Balinese gamelan, African, Asian, Middle Eastern and South American.


Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens: c105 European, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Pacific Rim and American archaeological, medieval and ethnological.


Birmingham Conservatoire of Music: incl. the L.L. Key collection and collection of Dodd bows.

W.H. Morris: Catalogue of Musical Instruments in the Possession of the School (1953); J. Morris and S. Daw: Catalogue of Historic Instruments of the Birmingham School of Music Collection (1975)


City Museum and Art Gallery: c210 European art and ethnological.


Department of Science and Industry, City Museum and Art Gallery: c70 mechanical.


Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum: c60 European keyboards and worldwide ethnological.


Bradford Art Galleries and Museums; see KEIGHLEY, Cliffe Castle Museum, below Catalogue of the Brass Musical Instruments in the Collections of Bradford Art Galleries and Museums (1991)

brentford, middx.

The Musical Museum: c300 keyboard, mainly automatic. The Musical Museum (1977)


Brighton Museum and Art Gallery: c680 worldwide incl. the Potter, Albert Spencer, and M. Willins collections.


Bristol City Museum: c35 keyboards from Mickleburgh collection.

broadway, worcs.

Snowshill Manor: c100 European art from C.P. Wade Collection.


Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge: c130 incl. Bryan (keyboard and mechanical), Shaw-Zambra, and Chadwick-Healey (harp) collections.


Nicholas Shackleton collection: c300 winds, many clarinets.


University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: c1000 non-European incl. L.E.R. Picken collection.


Amgueddfa Werin Cymru [Welsh Folk Museum]: 120 mainly Welsh, esp. harps.


Mechanical Music and Doll Collection: c100 mechanical.

douglas, isle of man.

Manx Museum: c50 regional.


Albert Institute: incl. Methven Simpson keyboard collection.

east clandon, surrey.

Alec Cobbe keyboard collection, Hatchlands Park


Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments (EUCHMI): c2500 European art and traditional (known as Galpin Society Collection from 1968–1980) incl. G. Rendall (woodwind), L.G. Langwill (mostly bassoons), A. Myers (brass), J.B. Dick, C.H. Brackenbury Memorial, part of Glen, part of Mickleburgh, Ross, Shaw-Hellier, M. Whewell, A. Macaulay (plucked strings), J. Blades (percussion), P. Cooke (ethnological) and C. Monk (brass) collections.

G. Melville-Mason, ed.: The Galpin Society: an Exhibition of European Musical Instruments (1968) [exhibition catalogue]; A. Myers: ‘The Glen and Ross Collections of Musical Instruments’, GSJ, xxxviii (1985), 4–8; Handel: a Celebration (1985); T.K. Dibley: The Historic Clarinet Exhibition Handbook (1986); Guide to the Collection: EUCHMI (1987); A. Myers, ed.: Historic Musical Instruments in the Edinburgh University Collection, i: The Illustrations (1990), ii: The Description (1992–) [A: Instruments of Regional Cultures Worldwide; B: Plucked and Hammered String Instruments; C: Bowed String Instruments; D: Flutes and Whistles; E: Double Reed Woodwind; F: Single Reed Woodwind; G: Bagpipes; H: Basswind; I: Free Reed Instruments and Musical Glasses; J: Percussion; K: Ancillary Items]; iii: The Electronic Piture Gallery ; C.D.S. Field: ‘John Donaldson and 19th-Century Acoustics Teaching in the Univeristy of Edinburgh’, Musical Acoustics: Edinburgh 1997, 509–20


John Barnes keyboard collection


Royal Museum of Scotland (formerly Royal Scottish Museum and National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland): c500 European and non-European, incl. c150 Scottish, esp. bagpipes and harps, incl. the D. Fraser (bagpipes), Ross (bagpipes), also J. Jenkins (ethnological) collection.

R.B. Armstrong: The Irish and Highland Harps (1902, 2/1969); Catalogue of the National Museum (1892); H. Cheape and others: Pipes, Harps, and Fiddles (1976); J. Jenkins: Man and Music: a Survey of Traditional Non-European Musical Instuments (1983); H. Cheape and others: At Home: Ten Years of Collecting from Historic Scotland (1984); A. Myers: ‘The Glen and Ross Collections of Musical Instruments’, GSJ, xxxviii (1985), 4–8; H. Cheape: The Wealth of a Nation in the National Museums of Scotland (1989)


Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments, Faculty of Music, Edinburgh University: c50.

R. Russell: The Harpsichord and Clavichord (1959, 3/1979); S. Newman and P. Williams: The Russell Collection and Other Early Keyboard Instruments in St. Cecilia’s Hall (1968); J. Barnes: ‘The Flemish Instruments of the Russell Collection’, Colloquium restauratieproblemen (1971), 35–9; C. Napier: A Brief Guide to the Russell Collection of Harpsichords and Clavichords (1981, 2/1986); C. Napier: Checklist of the Instruments in the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments (1982); ‘“Notes That Wing Their Heavenly Ways”: … New Handel Organ in St. Cecilia’s Hall’, AMIS Newsletter, xxvii/2 (1998)

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